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Round Cork Leather Coasters - Set of 6
Round Cork Leather Coasters - Set of 6
Two round cork leather coasters in natural on white background
Round Cork Leather Coasters - Set of 6
Brown handmade ceramic mag standing on natural cork leather coaster
Round Cork Leather Coasters - Set of 6
Top view of round cork leather coaster in natural

Round Cork Leather Coasters - Set of 6

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Raise a glass to our tsom cork leather coasters. They offer a soft landing for your glassware, mugs and cups as well as cushion the table from extreme temperatures, ring stains or a little spillage (whoops).

Our natural, minimalistic coasters are handy, high achievers providing a beautiful aesthetic to all home interiors and décor as well as protecting your furniture.

Cork Talk: Cork is water repellent which means a little splash here or there won’t hurt.


  • Set of 6 coasters
  • Made from natural cork leather
  • Each coaster measures between 9-10cm
  • Water Resistant
  • Available in three colours :
    natural cork pattern
    black /natural ( black cork on one side and natural pattern on another)
    black ( black cork on both sides)

Cork Care: Cleaning is a cinch. Simply wipe away cup rings with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Then wipe with clean water. Allow to dry completely.

Cork is as individual as you are so every coaster will look slightly different.