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Why choose cork?

So why cork you ask? 

It’s simple really. Cork is the best vegan leather you can find. It’s 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable and a beautiful example of balance between human needs and protection of nature.

So what exactly IS cork?

It all starts with cork shavings taken from the bark of the cork oak tree. 

The fabric is fashioned by first taking thin cork sheets which are sliced from planks (or blocks) of cork. These thin sheets are then adhered to a fabric support and hand sanded by highly skilled craftsmen. 

The transformation from cork sheet to cork fabric is complete with the application of a protective coating which provides the superior finish everyone loves.

Reasons to fall in love with cork?

Here’s just a few of the wonderful reasons to choose cork:

  • Eco-friendly –The environment isn’t harmed by the process of making cork fabric. Friendship with the environment never made anyone feel unhappy.
  • Natural – Not derived from man-made materials, cork is au naturel. 
  • Renewable - No cutting down trees here. When the bark of a cork-oak tree is harvested a new layer grows back. Harvesting occurs once every nine years giving each cork oak tree the time it needs to replenish the outer layers ready for the next harvest.
  • Vegan friendly - Cork is simply the best vegan fabric around.
  • Unique - With naturally formed patterns every piece is as individual as you.
  • Lightweight - Cork is three times lighter than leather.
  • Durable - Just like leather, cork will change and wear with age but will do so like a real lady, oh so gracefully.
  • Water repellent – Cork can handle water exceptionally well. The quick dash to the car during a downpour won’t affect it at all. 
  • Scratch and stain resistant – Accidents happen. It won’t be ruined if you spill a wine on it or if you come into contact with something abrasive.
  • Easy to clean - all you need is water and a mild soap. Read our blog on how to clean your cork bag here.