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tsom: this side of me

Everyone has another side to them.

Maybe an inner dare devil waiting to come out…. perhaps a shower singer yearning to be on stage. Or maybe you are the quietest person in every social setting but would win the award for loudest, rowdiest and most passionate supporter when you watch the footy.

The other side of you might be made up of little things… A hairstyle, a statement piece or a pair of earrings with almost magic ability to brighten your mood on a bad day. … maybe it’s that pair of high heels that not only make you taller but make you hold your head high; or a unique, slow-fashion clutch that sparks conversation.

tsom creates sustainable designs for women who appreciate unique materials, who love fashion pieces that make them feel more ‘me’, whilst also ticking the list of practical AND made from renewable materials. 

tsom founder Nadia is sitting next to fire place, a glass of wine in her hand
I’m Nadia and my ‘other side’ comes alive when I’m dreaming up creative concepts and experimenting behind the sewing machine. Stepping out from my social awkwardness, I aim to create collections that look both amazing and are made from unique, sustainable materials… which brings me to cork.

Like many good things, my discovery of cork was quite accidental. I’d been experimenting with polymer clay and immersing myself in a world of making, creating and selling polymer clay jewellery at local markets…. 

One of my jewellery designs required vegan cord and my search led me to cork cords and cork fabric. I remember how surprised I was by the softness of cork and how I was instantly taken by it. It would take a year of experimenting, a year of trial and error before I’d offer a cork product I was happy with. 

With super softness and lightweight-ness, coupled with cork’s clever characteristics of being biodegradable and renewable, cork in my eyes is pure brilliance and I think it will charm you too. ….. and cork is just the beginning.

tsom’s high impact products come with low impact on the planet and my hope is you discover a little bit of you in this side of me.