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5 reasons you will love cork as leather alternative.

Looking for a sustainable leather alternative that will not crack just  sitting in your wardrobe? Cork is your answer! This truly amazing natural material is widely acknowledged as one of the best vegan and eco-friendly leather alternatives out there. Here is why...

1. Cork is 100% natural, sustainable and renewable, so you can shop guilt-free.

Cork is a beautiful example of balance between human needs and protection of nature. Many other leather alternatives are basically plastic, harmful when manufactured and polluting when disposed of. 

Cork on the other hand is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable material. It comes from a bark of a cork oak tree, manually harvested every nine years by highly skilled workers. When the bark is harvested a new layer grows back. Cork removal does not damage the tree at all, quite the opposite, it improves tree health. Cork oaks live up to 200 years, and it is estimated that in Portugal alone (where the most cork oak forests are) there are enough harvestable cork to meet market demand for the next 100 years.  Learn more about wonderful qualities of cork and how it’s produced here. 

2. Cork is extremely durable and will last for years. Plus it’s easy to clean.

Ever had to throw away your favourite bag because faux leather it was made from has cracked? Not with cork! Cork is a very strong and flexible material. It can handle a great pressure by stretching and then returning to its original shape. Cork fabric will not break or crumble. Just like animal leather it will change and wear with age but will do so with style. It’s also moisture and dust resistant which makes it easy to clean. Lukewarm water and pH-neutral soap is all you need to keep your cork piece looking good for years. Some corks can even be machine washed. 

 4. It’s luxuriously soft and comforting to touch

    “Oh it’s so soft!” That's the first comment I hear when people stop by my stall at markets. Indeed, cork fabric is amazingly soft to touch and feels very smooth. Fun fact: the natural temperature of cork is very similar to the temperature of a human body, so we naturally find it very comforting. Cork is also very light, three times lighter than leather. So choosing a cork bag you will not have to carry more weight that you need to. Cork weightlessness allowed me to create a range of featherlight statement earrings.


    3. Look that fits your style.

    Love bold statement colours? Or intricate patterns? Maybe you prefer natural style? With growing demand for eco-friendly materials you now can find cork in a variety of finishes, from natural patterns created by combination of different pieces of cork or even other plants, like fennel to cork with printed patterns and dyed cork that still keep beautiful natural texture that is  unique from piece to piece, just like a fingerprint. My personal favourite? This natural cork with rainbow flecks.

    5. It’s something different

      Sure, in Spain and Portugal where most of the cork is produced, cork bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, even umbrellas are quite common. But here in Australia I bet not many of your friends are rocking cork purses or earrings just yet. And with its unique look you will be a proud owner of one of a kind piece.

      I hope you discovered something new about cork and if you are curious to see more cork goodness pop over to my shop  and check out my range of cork bags, jewellery and accessories. And don’t forget a 10% discount on your first order, click here to claim.