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Pursuing an eco-conscious business

tsom is hyperaware of the world around…. loving the beauty of the earth and also purposeful in the pursuit to create an eco-conscious business…..

But how does it look on a day to day basis? I am glad you asked!

Cork backpack standing on a rock

1. We choose low impact, renewable materials

Aka cork!  100% natural, sustainable and renewable, cork is a beautiful example of balance between human needs and protection of nature. Every 9 years bark of cork oak is harvested without causing any damage to the tree. It is then transformed into variety of products from wine corks to flooring to fabrics. Every tiny bit is used making cork manufacturing one of the most environmentally sustainable. 

small cork pieces made from offcuts

2. We use every small piece of cork 

Offcuts of cork fabric from bags  and other bigger projects become bracelets, key rings and earrings. It is tsom's way to reduce waste while creating unique, on of a kind, beautiful pieces.

3. We reuse/ reduce/recycle packaging

All orders are packed in compostable packaging and we don't print out invoices. We keep all boxes, tissue paper and bubble wrap that arrive with our orders and then reuse them to send out yours. We have also switched to fully recyclable paper packaging tape. So, in 80% cases your order will be arrive in plastic free packaging. 

4. We strive to do better

Have a suggestion how we can do better in our pursuit to reduce our environmental impact? Let's talk!