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How to clean your cork bag

You’ve had your cork bag for a while and it may have started to look a bit dirty, especially if you use it daily. Perfectly normal for any light coloured bag, right?  So how do you clean cork leather?  Easy! All you need is water, mild soap and a couple of soft cloth rags.


Start with warm soapy water. You can use any neutral soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Use just a minimal amount of soap/detergent, water should be just soapy but not bubbly.  Wet a soft cloth and use it to gently rub all over your cork bag. 

Soak the cloth a bit more and give your bag another rub over, a little harder this time (not too hard though!). Don’t be afraid to make your bag wet, cork leather is water repellent material and will not be damaged even if you immerse it in water. 

Second step is to wipe all the soap. Rinse the cloth well, squeeze the water out and then wipe the bag until all soap is gone.

Finally dry your bag. I’d recommend to wipe your bag with a soft cloth and then let it air dry completely

Another option to clean your cork bag is to use baby wipes/ wet wipes if you have those  laying around.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, cork bags can be machine washed, but no, I do not recommend it.